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  • Writer's pictureJennifer Levy, LCPC, CST

How to Get the Spark Back in Your Relationship

Originally featured in "Oprah Daily" by Sara Stillman Berger

While you can’t expect that fuzzy sensation to last forever, you can revisit the places where the butterflies started. Jennifer Levy, professional counselor and certified sex therapist says that the beginning stages of a relationship are “marked by powerful feelings of infatuation, fantasies, and desire.”

To help rekindle those feelings and bring the excitement back, “return to the area where you met, or got engaged,” she says.

Remember when you were first dating, and you’d spot your partner across the room? Levy says “distance creates desire and anticipation,” and suggests this little game: The next time you go out together, sit at opposite sides of the bar. “You never know what feelings you’ll stir up,” she says.


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