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Rose Jennifer Levy, LCPC



Ms. Levy’s practice incorporates a warm and supportive approach to assessment and treatment, involving relational, psychodynamic, and cognitive/behavioral strategies. Sessions will take place in an elegant office environment in which professionalism, a sense of safety, and support are of utmost importance.

Women's Health
Mother and Children Jennifer Levy, LCPC, CST

Women's Health

Ms. Levy’s clinical expertise lies in working with women (ages 18+) in the areas of emotional development and well-being, and challenges faced in the personal, relational, and professional realms. Issues frequently addressed in therapy include:

  • Prenatal and postpartum adjustment

  • Transition to motherhood

  • Fertility challenges and infertility treatment

  • First time mothers over 40

  • Grief or loss

  • Work/life balance and self-care

  • Relationship conflict

  • Transitioning through menopause

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Explore feelings and thoughts that contribute to symptoms or problems in a one-to-one therapeutic relationship, on a regular basis.

Develop strategies and strengthen coping mechanisms to better manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. Issues frequently discussed in individual therapy include:

  • Addressing mood disorders

  • Exploring relationship patterns and conflict

  • Understanding how the past impacts the present

  • Processing grief related to loss and life changes

  • Strengthening low self-esteem

  • Managing stress in everyday life

  • Regulating emotions

Dedie Jennifer Levy, LCPC, CST
Sex Therapy
The Grand Odalisque Jennifer Levy, LCPC, CST

Sex Therapy

Concerns around low sexual desire, sexual functioning, pelvic pain, infidelity, and desire discrepancy in a relationship are explored in sex therapy. All sexual concerns are understood in the context of a woman’s whole life experience, both past and present. Issues frequently addressed in sex therapy include

  • Low desire/libido and changes in desire levels

  • Concerns related to sexual functioning, arousal, and orgasm

  • Desire discrepancy (varying levels of desire) in a relationship

  • Pelvic pain, vaginismus, unconsummated marriage

  • Sexual orientation and identity

  • Low sexual self-esteem

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Address relationship conflict, explore intimacy, resolve communication challenges, and adjust to life changes (marriage, parenthood, career, relocation). Issues frequently addressed in couples therapy include:

  • Communication challenges causing conflict

  • Desire discrepancy

  • Infidelity

  • Roles and responsibilities in relationship and household

  • Adjusting to life stage transitions

  • Financial stress/strain

  • Work/life balance

Couples Therapy Jennifer Levy, LCPC, CST
Psychology Today
Northwestern Medicine
About Jennifer Levy, LCPC, CST

About Me

1999: MA, Counseling Psychology at Northwestern University

2016: Sex Therapy Certificate at University of Michigan
2019: AASECT Certification

With 20+ years of clinical experience working with individuals and couples, Ms. Levy’s expertise lies in guiding women through the challenges of life transitions, including prenatal and postpartum adjustment, transition to motherhood, infertility, and sexual health concerns.


Having completed specialized training in sexual health, she is also skilled in resolving issues of desire discrepancy, infidelity, and concerns regarding sexual functioning. She welcomes all sexual and gender expressions.


In addition to providing Individual, Couple, and Sex Therapy in private practice, Ms. Levy also conducts Sex Therapy at The Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause (CSMM) at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Her clinical focus involves resolving low libido, pelvic pain, desire discrepancy, infidelity, and changes in sexual health/functioning throughout the life span. In order to be seen at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, referrals must be made through a CSMM gynecologist/nurse.

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