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A Child After 40

Originally featured in "Flower Power Mom"

Jennifer Levy, LCPC, a licensed clinical professional counselor for over 10 years, conducts individual psychotherapy in a private group practice in Chicago – Wellsprings Health Associates – a multi-disciplinary practice specializing in women’s health. Jennifer’s general focus is on the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

She has clinical expertise exploring relationship patterns, prenatal and postpartum adjustment, grief, loss and stage of life transitions in both the personal and professional realms. Other areas of specialization include working with adolescents, young adults and mothers aged 40+.

When Jennifer began the journey to become a mother in her early 40’s, a journey which took over four years of fertility treatments, she became interested in connecting with women going through the same life experience and found no resources dedicated to this population.

With the birth of Myles Isaac in 2009, Jennifer truly missed sharing the joys and significant challenges of later in life motherhood with other moms 40+. As a result, Jennifer has launched a Support Group for New Moms 40+ at Wellsprings Health Associates and a Support Group for Expectant New Mothers 40+ at Northwestern’s Prentice Women’s Hospital.

“It is my hope that moms 40+ will connect in these groups and feel supported — part of a larger community of very special women sharing one of life’s most extraordinary and miraculous experiences together”


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